manfield, missouri

Mansfield is in Wright County, east of Springfield.

Mansfield in the Past

Mansfield was home to Almanzo and Laura Ingalls Wilder for the most part of their long lives. Also known as “The Land of the Apple”, the farm they bought had many apple trees, which they carefully tended. Their Rocky Ridge Farm eventually turned into a successful 200 acre dairy and fruit farm. It was here where Laura wrote numerous articles, and her famous Little House books. In 1957, Rose donated it to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Home Association.

Mansfield in the Present

One of the most popular sites, it houses many of the most valuable Ingalls-Wilder memorabelia, such as Pa’s much treasured fiddle, and Ma’s surprise sewing machine. Tours of the home and museum are offered. Tours of the Rock House will be given once the renovations are complete. (Problems arose with the floor and the Missouri humidity.) In Mansfield, people can also visit the graves of Laura, Almanzo and Rose.

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