MANSFIELD, Northern Cape, South Africa

Alas, this Mansfield doesn’t exist any more.

Our contact told us that he’d “eventually found it in the Northern Cape about 300 kilometres west of Johannesburg and 80 kilometres north of Vryburg. There was no telephone code for Mansfield so we tried Vryburg and they had not heard of it. We decided that because our map was printed in 1988 it was possible the name had changed.

“So we tried the AA today who informed us that it was not on a present day map. We then tried Stella, a small farming community about 20/30 kilometres south east of Mansfield (on our old map) and the women we spoke to said that she had lived there all her life and had never heard of it, although she had heard of Dirkiesrus which is about 10 kilometres away from Mansfield.”